Doggie Day Camp

Our Doggie Daycare “Day Campers” enjoy
a full day of playThe Branford Dog Day Camp Extraordinaire...

The Metro Pooch features an off-leash, fully supervised day camp for dogs of all sizes.  Pet Guests are separated by size and temperament in separate play areas.  Our Doggie Daycare “Day Campers” enjoy a full day of play in a “pack” environment, giving them the security and companionship that they may not be able to receive while their family is at work or away for the day.


Since social interaction is essential to your Pooches overall mental and physical health, enrolling your pup in even one Doggie Day Camp session a week will have a tremendous impact on his or her life.. and on yours~

Did you know that dogs have a strong desire to be with others?  If they don’t have enough social contact, Dogs often begin to exhibit attention-seeking behaviors or even may suffer from depression?  Well-socialized dogs are often healthier and happier!

Here at The Metro Pooch, we believe in influencing our packs behavior with music!  Music plays all day here – We pick and choose our genre to stimulate or even calm our packs behavior throughout the day.   So when you log on to see what your pampered pooch is up to- he or she may be playing along to the sounds of Bon Jovi or Kid Rock . . . or maybe even Jimmy Buffet or some good old fashioned 80’s tunes!  Although, we must admit, our guilty pleasures are boy bands (we will spare you from reading which ones!).

Think influencing pack behavior with music is for the birds?  It’s not . . .

In fact, the Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the Rehoming Centre of the National Canine Defence League in Evesham, England conducted a study to evaluate  the effects of music on canines.  What they found is that not only do dogs react to music, they also can feel the beats and the rhythms!  Researchers noted that music causes the same reactions in dogs as it does in humans (relaxation, euphoria, etc).

They also found that music:

  • Improves memory

  • Helps learning

  • Reduces Stress

  • And even alleviated depression!

Based on the these studies, “Through a Dog’s Ear” written by Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner, explores the effect of classical music on stressed and abused dogs.

And yes!  We do take requests from our dogs!!

You can drop your pup off for a few hours or all day long – but keep in mind that reservations are required since space is limited. 

Our Schedule:

7:00am – 11:00 am:  Drop-off time for Day Campers

12:00pm – 2:00pm:  Nap time for our pack (we are closed during this time)

3:00pm – 6:00pm:  Pick-up time for Day Campers

If you are running late and wont make it in time to pick Fido up before we close, he or she can spend the night in one of our luxury suites.  Our suites offer radiant heat flooring, Doggie-Vision web cams (viewable from any Smartphone or laptop computer), dog appeasing pheromones (proven to calm anxiety) and a nightly turn-down service complete with a bed-time treat. Pet Guests fall asleep listening to the soothing sounds of either classical music or Canine Lullabies (have a listen at– played both at nap-time and bed-time.