Pet Guest Requirements

We love all dogs – but unfortunately, not all dogs will love being part of our pack…

Doggie Day Care, or Day Camp, as its known around here, is a wonderful way to keep your pampered pooch mentally and physically active. Not only does our Day Camp program promote an overall happier pet; it also nurtures a dogs innate need to be part of and interact within the pack hierarchy.

In order to do so, your pet must pass an initial evaluation where temperament and social skills are evaluated. This process generally lasts 2-4 hours and allows us the ability to deem each and every Pet Guest “safe for play.” This process is essential for the safety of both our staff and our Pet Guests. Please note that there is a $20 fee PER pet for Temperament Testing.  The tests are done in either the morning between 8am and 1130am or the afternoon between 230 and 530pm.  You can go out and about and run those overdue errands as we introduce your pup to our pack as we ask that pet parents are not present during testing.

So after the test takes place . . Whats next?

If your pet passes and is awarded our “Wagging Tails” honor – he or she can come stay or play with our pack at anytime! If he or she requires a little TLC in certain areas prior to being deemed “safe for play,” The Metro Pooch will make recommendations accordingly and schedule a follow-up test within an appropriate time frame.

If your pet exhibits behaviors that we feel would simply not mesh well with our pack or exhibits harmful, aggressive behaviors or those of sort, we will not be able to deem him or her safe for play. Although we wish that every dog we meet can be deemed “safe for play” at The Metro Pooch, not every pet is a good candidate. Doggie Day Care / Day Camp is a place for well socialized dogs – it is not a place for dogs to learn the basics on how to socialize.

Think of it this way – if your dog has played really well and socialized with other dogs before (meaning his or her manners made you proud!!), then the likelihood of your pet doing well in the Doggie Day Care environment are high. If your pets interactions with other dogs appear to be stressful, show signs of “anger issues” or seem to scare your pup out of his or her wit, then Doggie Day Care probably wouldn’t be such a great idea. Dogs who exhibit fearful behavior in a pack environment, be it at the dog park or elsewhere, seem only to get worse when put into a Day Care environment.

Let us not steer you wrong; however. We aren’t saying that your dog must be the most popular pup at the dog park – or even that he or she has to be the most social one there – we just want to make sure that all of our Pet Guests are already socialized prior to playing with our pack. If you know they don’t have any “unsafe” tendencies and simply want them to socialize a bit more and maybe even learn to be more interactive than they currently are, then Doggie Day Care is a great option.

Last and not least, all of our Pet Guests must be spayed or neutered. They must be up to date on on vaccinations, including: Bordetella (commonly known as Canine Cough), Rabies and Distemper; as well as a negative fecal exam. . .aka “stool sample” (showing there are no parasites and or worms in your pups system). All Pet Guests must be on the proper Flea, Tick and De-worming therapies.

We accept puppies on a case by case basis when a special waiver is signed. We are able to administer your pets’ medications as long as they are being given for a condition (ie: thyroid pills, NSAIDS, etc.) versus an illness as sick pups aren’t able to play or stay while ill. If your pampered pooch has been sick within the last 30 days, we ask that you refrain from bringing them unless cleared in writing from your veterinarian. This protects all of our Pet Guests, new and old!

We generally do not accept Pet Guests who are not spayed or neutered; however, pets who are not fixed may be allowed into our program on a case by case basis; however, female dogs cannot attend while in heat.

So what about those dogs who who can’t play well with others.. will we still welcome them as Hotel Guests??  Since our main philosophy is based around the proper socialization of our pack, we do not accept dogs who cannot be out taking part in the pack environment.  We only offer a complete un-kennel experience, and to us, being stuck in a tiny room with no free play or time for making new friends screams kennel!  So, if you do prefer the more tradition kennel experience with no free-play interaction, we can make a few suggestions of places we like best!

If you have any questions about your dogs eligibility, just ask! We are happy to discuss each Pet Guest in length.

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