Pet Spa – Dog Grooming

Dogs are braggin’ and tails are waggin’ about The Metro Pooch Dog Grooming Spa! 

Our Pampered Pooches “wag on in” and “strut on out” after our top-notch Pet Stylists get them ready for the lime light!

Just like their two-legged companions, dogs feel good when they look good and smell good, too!  Have you ever seen a dog who just had a bath look sad?  Neither have we, a clean dog is a happy dog!  They roll around on the ground to get their scent back onto the worlds surfaces, bark and wag in sheer joy.. and strut their stuff as if they just got off the red carpet.

Besides the beauty factor, having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis offers many health benefits, too.  Routinely groomed dogs have:

  • Less matting (which could be hiding underlying skin conditions),
  • A decreased risk or severity of hot spots,
  • Less bacteria in or around the ear and eye areas (which lead to staining or infection),
  • Earlier detection of parasites, like fleas (which can lead to Tape Worm or worse),
  • Healthier nails with less breaking
  • Increased blood flow to hair follicles (improves health & condition of skin & coat)

Whether your pampered pooch is boarding with us as a hotel guest, participating in our Doggy Day Camp or coming in just for grooming, The Metro Pooch Spa offers an array of services sure to meet your every need.  Our base services include:


Our Spa Bath begins when gentle cascades of warm water immerse Fido’s entire body…massaging, cleansing and renewing.  One of our rich, indulgent shampoos actively cleanse your pet’s skin while removing deep-down dirt and dander (special shampoo upgrades are available upon request).  Following their Spa Bath, pups are blown dry with gentle, constant air flowing around them; as they find their Zen while listening to the soothing sounds of Canine Lullabies.  A Spa Bath treatment includes a nail clipping pawdicure, ear cleansing, spa bath and drying.  Fido will be smelling good and lookin’ good!


It’s a whole lotta letters for a whole lotta services!  The “Metro Pooch B.B.T” is for Pet Guests who need more than a bath, but not a full custom haircut.  Our B.B.T. offers the same services as our signature Spa Bath, with the addition of:  a Brush-Out, Trimming of sanitary areas, Feathering (when requested), Ear cleansing and plucking, Eye area cleaned and trimmed, a full-service pawdicure – where paw pads are trimmed and nails are clipped (dremmeling available for an additional fee).  We will also solve any matting issues (additional charges apply depending on severity of matting).  After all of this pampering, Pet Parents beware!  We cannot be held responsible for Fido’s new found popularity amongst the neighborhood dogs; however, we will take credit for all the compliments you get on their stylin’ new looks!


This service is for those who need it all!  Following their Spa Bath, Pet Guests venture over to our Zen Den to partake in some hand scissoring, breed-specific or owner specified hair-cutting fun! Our Full Service Grooming includes a Spa Bath, Brush-Out, A Full-Custom-Haircut, Full Service Pawdicure, Ear Cleansing and Plucking, Eye Cleanse and Trim, and a Blow Dry.  This service is sure to have Fido ready for the Lime Light.. You may want to get him an agent after this one!

*Our Full Service Grooming rates are dependent upon breed size, type, coat condition, amount of scissor work, brushing, clipping, degree of matting, difficulty of the cut, temperament of the Pet Guest, drying time and length of hair.  We recommend speaking directly to one of our Pet Stylists to obtain breed-specific pricing estimates.  Following Fido’s first haircut with us, you will have a good idea of your individual pricing going forward.


In addition to any of the services described above, you can choose to add-on any of the following services for an additional fee:

  • “Bye Bye Hair” De-Shedding Treatment (Reduce up to 80% of shedding!)
  • Brushing of their Pearly Whites (Essential for good hygiene and fresher smelling breath)
  • Nail Grinding (Gets nails shorter and smoother)
  • C’Ya Lata’ Flea Treatment
  • Smell Ya Lata’ De-Skunking Treatment
  • Soothing Medicated Bath (Helps relieve itchy skin) *No additional charge for owner provided products.
  • Nail Pawlish (please let our Spa Coordinator know if you have a preference in color)

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a Spa Service for your pup, contact us at 203.481.2000.  If your pup is going to be getting a full haircut, please be sure to speak directly to our Pet Stylist so that we are sure we understand your specific needs.


I brought 2 skittish Chows to be groomed. Their Groomer, did a fabulous job. I was amazed how beautiful they looked after she worked her magic.. And Jennifer did everything possible to make them comfortable including taking them to urinate and uncrating them and putting them in a safe space when they got very nervous being crated. They did the best job on Niko, a large Chow, than any other groomer we brought him to. Rocky, is a small rescue chow who was a mess but they did a fabulous job and he looks gorgeous. The staff is wonderful and give a tour of the shop, which also has a doggie day care and hotel. Our family highly recommends The Metro Pooch . We found the perfect groomer.

Great experience for dogs….lots of attention and loving

Very Professional and accommodating organization. They did a great job!